Bag Coupons & Sales for 2017

Need a new bag to tote your things? Purses, satchels, handbags, messenger bags... The options are many and so are the deals! Find the latest promotions, discounts and coupons here and have money left over to fill your bag with... well, whatever you want!


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If you tend to rummage endlessly through your pockets for your phone, wallet, lipstick and keys, it might be time for a new bag. A great bag is more than just something you carry around. A great bags is about style and functionality and keeping all those essential items easily accessible and close at hand.


Here at we publish the latest coupons, sales and promotions on bags. From designer handbags to backpacks and luggage, we think every bag should come with a great deal! Previous Canadian bag deals have included:


Whether you need a different bag for every day of the week or that one piece of luggage that will hold your vacation wardrobe, we post a steady stream of valuable Canadian promos that can get you your bag at a fraction of its original price. And because you should have many options when deciding where to get your new bag, we publish deals from:

  • Specialized bag retailers
  • Footwear retailers
  • Apparel retailers
  • Multi-category retailers and department stores


Look for store-wide sales. If you only look for bag-specific deals, you might miss out on some great discounts at larger retailers that sell bags among other items. Many retailers such as Hudson's Bay, and Sears will have coupons offering a percentage off your entire purchase. Use that promo code towards a new bag and enjoy the savings!

Shop around. Bags are a popular category and see a large variety of styles, materials and prices. If you're not particular about brands and materials, you can often get the same style bag at half the price if you go with man-made materials or a lesser-known brand. That being said, if you need a good everyday bag that will last you a few years, opting for the more expensive leather option might be the cheaper choice in the long run!