Headwear Coupons & Sales for 2017

Your outfit might look great on its own, but the right headwear can be the ultimate cherry on top. Whether you're looking for a practical winter hat or a fashionable statement piece, we've got the latest headwear deals and discounts on headwear that will save you money on your purchase.


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Whether you're looking for a fascinator worthy of the British Royal Family, or just need a warm winter hat to keep out the cold, we've got all your Canadian headwear deals, promotions and coupons right on this page. Find deals from a variety of retailers selling hats, caps, toques and other headwear for the whole family.


Living in Canada means owning at least a few hats. Here at Dealguild.com, we're all about keeping toasty and saving a few dollars while you're at it. We post deals and promotions from major Canadian clothing retailers that range from free shipping to percentages off your purchase. Past deals have included:


When it comes to buying headwear, you've got many options. From department stores to online multi-category retailers to specialized headwear boutiques, we publish notable deals from a large variety of retailers. Some of the most popular Canadian spots for headwear include:


Shop off-season. If you're looking for season-specific headwear, be sure to check out end-of-season sales for the best deals and promotions. Sales on winter headwear tend to start in January and last until the spring. Expect to see discounts of up to 80% off, including occasional coupons that will get you an additional discount in the clearance section.

Compare prices. Popular headwear brands are usually sold through a number retailers. Check around for the best price before making the purchase. You may want to check larger department stores such as Sears and Hudson's Bay, as they sometimes carry headwear at a better price than specialty outdoor retailers.