Children's Book Coupons & Sales for 2017

Skip the screen time and cozy up with a book! Children's books are some of the best sources of early learning, but the price tags can really add up if you're buying books at full price. Check out our list of valuable deals, promos, coupon codes and sales that can save you money on your kids' reading materials!


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The books you read to your children today can make a world of difference in their lives for years to come. It's a well-known fact that reading, even at a very early age, can stimulate a child's mind, spark his imagination, increase his vocabulary and foster a love of literature that will serve him for a lifetime.

Here at, we love a good story. Whether it's a toddler board book or a novel for teens, a book is one of the most useful things you can give a child. This is why we've worked hard to collect the top Canadian children's book coupons and sales to get you the best possible prices on your child's reading material. Previous deals in this category have included:

Because we know that reading doesn't always involve a physical book, we post deals from popular eBook sellers as well as audiobook sites offering children's titles. Deals come up often and we update this page on a regular basis.


Shop the clearance section. There's no expiry date on reading materials, so books in the clearance section are just as good as anything you'd get at full price. Be sure to check your favourite sellers' discount shelf for great reads at a fraction of their original price!

Shop discount books. Unless the book you're getting is a gift, it doesn't matter if a child's book has a small dent or scratch on it. Let's face it, your child will have it tattered in seconds anyway. Consider buying your child's books from discount book retailers like Book Outlet that sell slightly damaged and overstocked reading materials.

Buy audio books. Audio books are frequently cheaper than their hard-copy counterparts and are a great way to get a story in during a long car ride or during quiet time at home. Audio books have also been known to improve critical listening skills and introduce children to books above their reading level.