Tax Coupons & Sales for 2017

Tax season might not be your favourite time of year, but getting a great deal on your tax filing software might bring the pep back to your step! We post the latest Canadian tax coupons and promotions that will get you discounts on online filing websites, downloadable software and other tax services.


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If at the mere mention of the word "taxes", you get an unshakable urge to do just about anything else, you're not alone! Filing taxes, whether personal or for your business, can be a tedious task, making the end of April a cringe-worthy time of year for many Canadians. Before you run and bury your head in a pillow, check out this page for some great offers!

Here at Dealguild, we know how you feel and we're here to help brighten the experience with some great coupons, deals and promotions from popular Canadian tax services. From discounts on tax software to deals on tax preparation services, finding a great deal can save you a bit of cash when doing your taxes. Previous deals have included:

  • Get 30% off online filing (H&R Block)
  • Save 20% off UFile (Dr.Tax)
  • Get 20% off all online editions of TurboTax (TurboTax)
  • Save 25% off Office 365 and TurboTax when you buy together (Microsoft)

Deals on tax software and tax services come up year-round, although you can expect an increase in promotions closer to the CRA's April tax deadline. Regardless of when you're filing, however, there are usually a few promotions going on at any given time.


Know your limits: You might've gotten an A+ in math class, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to tackle a complicated tax case. A big part of filing your taxes correctly is knowing when to seek the help of professionals. Complicated tax cases that involve military, multiple incomes, a side business, bankruptcy, etc. may require the knowledge of a tax professional to complete accurately.

Shop around: There are several tax programs and online spots available to Canadians wishing to file their taxes on their own. Explore your options before committing to one. Each is different, offering various options and benefits, so picking the one that you find easiest to navigate will save you time when you're ready to file!

Student deals: There are often special offers for students in full-time education, oftentimes enabling you to file your taxes for free! Make sure and check this page as we will write about all the latest offers here.